Bruise Be Gone



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Bruise Be Gone is the holistic way to promote a speedy recovery.

It is an all natural formulation of Full Spectrum CBD, MCT Oil, Bromelain, Arnica Oil and Vitamin C, created by Registered Nurse and Aesthetic Rejuvenation Artist Nousha Salimi.  These ingredients were strategically curated to work together to prevent bruising and swelling of the skin, speed up the healing process, and leave skin looking and feeling rejuvenated.

Bruise Be Gone works in two phases: Prevention + Treatment.

Phase 1 – Prevention: Three days prior to a planned procedure, apply one dropper full to the planned procedure or surgical area, once in the morning and once at night. Massage into skin.

Phase 2 – Treatment: After the procedure, apply one dropper full to the affected area, three times per day until the bruising and swelling subside. For even quicker results, pat the oil into skin.


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